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From Beauty Queen to Hairy Mess to Painlessly Hair-Free & Confident!

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I never thought I’d say this, but facial hair ruined my life… And one little pain-free, portable, 5-minute device gave me my life back.

My name is Fiona*. Back in the day, I made a living off of my looks.

I’d won beauty competitions, been on magazine covers, and got lucrative modeling contracts.

I always knew that I‘d get less and less work as I got older, but I didn’t expect ANY of what life threw at me as an older woman.

In my late 40s, perimenopause hit.

I’d suddenly start sweating like crazy, or I’d have chills. I was having trouble sleeping. Then the weight started piling on.

But the worst part… Was the HAIR. Everywhere.

My face, arms, even places I won’t mention here.

THIS… This really knocked my confidence.

I was getting up hours earlier to shave so nobody would know my embarrassing secret. I lived in fear that someone would notice my dry skin or a hairy patch.

When I got home, I was physically and mentally drained, and unfortunately, my husband bore the brunt of my bad moods.

I kept telling myself that things would improve.

But a little over a year later, things caught up to me.

My husband of 19 years eventually couldn’t cope with this version of me.

He left me for a younger, happier (and probably less hairy) woman, which smashed my remaining confidence to bits.

That’s when I started spiraling into depression.

Everything I loved and defined myself by was gone.

And even worse, I developed an autoimmune condition from stress, which left my skin incredibly dry, sensitive, and tight.

Waxing and shaving were out of the question—they left me in agony.

I was trapped in a body that was heavier, hairier, and much more stubborn than I ever imagined possible.

And I thought I’d never be able to feel normal again. I didn’t even want to feel GOOD—just normal.

Looking back now, it’s still hard to believe such a small thing made such a huge difference to my confidence and my life.

About 6 months after my husband left, a friend arrived for a surprise visit (or check-up, more likely).

I was in my PJs, hadn’t brushed my teeth, and was of course, unshaven, but I was too depressed to actually care.

I’d been to a therapist, got antidepressants, and watched all the YouTube self-help videos but I was still a total mess.

She made me a warm drink, sat me down, and simply said “Talk to me.”

After about 2 hours of what felt like solid crying, I eventually took a breath.

My friend, who’d just listened to me pouring my heart out, said:

“You need to get Silkier.”

I was momentarily offended because I was hairy everywhere, but she quickly pulled out her phone and showed me this product.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t taken with it.

But she bought it for me right there and then.

And I had no idea this strange-looking device would be the thing that gave me my life back.

When my Silkier IPL arrived in the mail, I left it unopened for at least a week.

My friend was the one who opened it, showed me how to use it, and placed it next to my bed—within my reach, because I spent most of my time in bed these days.

A few days later, I was beating myself up about the hair on my lip again so I thought “Well, why not try this thing.”

I’m not sure if it was the soothing feeling of the device on my face or because I was finally investing in self-care again, but I felt a little better after using it.

Still hairy, but better.

So I used it again the next day. And the next day. And the next day.

By this point, I hardly looked in the mirror anymore, because my confidence was so low.

I only realized the effect when my friend came around again, a couple of weeks later. She took one look at me and said “You’ve been using it!”

I was shocked that she could SEE that I’d used it.

I grabbed her makeup mirror out of her handbag. She was right. My face was… Less hairy.

It sounds silly, but that was the biggest turning point for me.

I was almost afraid to get too excited, because it felt too good to be true.

But once she left, I rushed to my room and grabbed the Silkier device.

The hair on my face was one of my biggest confidence-bashers.

But I also hadn’t shaved anywhere else for months, because my skin was so sensitive.

If this device was so easy on my face, surely it could help my legs too.

After months of agony, this little device slid easily over my sensitive skin without pain or discomfort—the complete opposite to every “skin-friendly” razor or wax strip I’d tried in the past year.

I ran it over both my legs, and any other hairy patches I had.

And then I sat and cried again, because this was the first time I had felt even a small bit of hope since half a year ago.

The antidepressants made me feel worse. The therapist made me feel frustrated. My modeling agent made me feel ashamed. And shaving or waxing caused my sensitive skin unspeakable pain.

But this little device made me feel hopeful.

I committed to using my Silkier device daily, and day by day, my embarrassing secret disappeared, without pain.

The thing that I held so much resentment for, the thing that I felt had ruined my career and my marriage… It was going away.

It wasn’t an overnight miracle.

But it was MY miracle.

Silkier didn’t just remove my hair. It brought back a spark of hope.

Hope that I could still be beautiful. Comfortable. Pampered. That I deserved to feel good about myself.

I started going out again, reconnecting with other friends, and rediscovering hobbies that I’d neglected.

A couple of friends convinced me to join their exercise group, and I started paying more attention to my diet and making sure I moved every day.

It took time, but slowly the depression lifted.

And it all started with Silkier.

Now, at 52, I’m traveling, volunteering, and even dipping my toes back into the modeling world.

If you’d told me 2 years ago that this is what my life would be like, I would’ve laughed.

Now, I’m just grateful that I have my life back.

I’m off antidepressants and my skin is as close as it can be to being in remission. I would NEVER have gotten here without Silkier.

And my stubborn friend who bought it for me (you know who you are!)

Sometimes it scares me to think how my life could’ve turned out if I’d never found Silkier.

I didn’t think I could be happier and more confident than I was at my modeling peak, but here I am.

Living proof that something so small can make a HUGE difference.

Ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re experiencing anything similar, I can vouch for the Silkier device.

To some, it might just be a convenient hair-removal device for summer. But to others, this could be the thing that brings hope back into your life!

I know it did for me.

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