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I Thought I Knew What an IPL Could Do, Then I Tried Silkier

Published on May 1st – 945,987 views


I’m a big fan of doing ALL my self-care at home. Especially when it comes to hair removal—I don’t want a stranger slapping wax on my intimate bits, thank you very much. Professional clinics are also expensive, time-consuming, and not always super convenient for my schedule. So home care always made more sense.

I discovered the convenience of at-home laser hair removal devices years ago. Since then, I’ve always had one at home. I get bored easily, so I’ve tried a few different brands. Ulike, RoseSkinCo. Lumi, Nood… All did the job okay.

But then I got the Silkier. And it kind of wasn’t the same. In a good way.

The Device

The Silkier is a convenient little thing. I’ve had IPLs before that felt like I was wielding a space laser, but the Silkier is compact and the perfect size and weight to hold and move easily. Particularly handy for those hard-to-reach spots that require some gymnastics.

I didn’t realise it when I bought it, but this little device has a pulse width of 4x longer than most others. That means the light pulses last 4 times longer, which might not seem important when we’re talking milliseconds. But it does mean that there’s a higher chance of getting rid of the hair permanently, and faster than other devices.

Pretty cool. Another thing I really liked was their automatic Skin Tone Sensor. I was today years old when I discovered that IPLs don’t work on all skin/hair tones… It obviously never really mattered for me, but I think it’s a really good feature for those as unaware as I was who might be using a device that’s unlikely to work for them.

I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed when buying that I couldn’t choose a colour. But after using it for a few weeks, I can easily say I’d rather have this device in ANY shade than the next best thing in my favourite colour.

The Silkier In Action

I can be pretty lazy when it comes to self-care. If it’s not a necessity, I’ll put it off until it absolutely needs to be done. So by the time the Silkier arrived at my door, I was just about ready for it.

Winter was fading away, spring was blooming, and I knew the beach would be calling any day now. Can’t rock a swimsuit with hairy legs, y’know. So it would be the perfect test for my new laser hair removal device.

Usually, I used the IPL on my more sensitive bits and just shaved my legs in the shower, because it was fast. But I was actually pretty interested to see how the Silkier would handle my winter coat.

So on a quiet Friday night after work, I lit some candles, turned on some music… Just kidding, I set aside like 30 minutes of time to do this thing and it ended up taking about 10 minutes in total. That’s learning how to use it AND running it over every bit of my body that has the potential to grow hair. Full transparency, I did shave the evening before this, because every other IPL I’ve ever used recommends it.

It was super fast and I didn’t even have much tingling afterwards, which I’ve had previously. No redness, no… Well, nothing really. After checking the manual (yes, I’m an after-the-fact manual reader) I discovered they have this handy thing called Sapphire Cooling Technology, which basically goes right behind the hot light pulse and soothes your skin, so you never actually get inflamed. Thumbs up.


The Silkier Effect

I used the Silkier again on the next Tuesday and then the following Friday. I could’ve sworn I saw a difference by then already, but I thought maybe I was imagining things. I used it for another week and by then it was 2 weeks since my first silky experience.

My hair was, honestly, growing slower. I’m one of those people who will shave every day if I can, because I hate the feeling of stubble. But I was reigning myself in for the sake of this experiment, and it was noticeable how much more slowly my hair was coming in. If I hadn’t been keeping track of when I’d shaved/IPLed, I’d think I had miscalculated.

So I was pretty pleased already at that point. According to the Silkier website, it takes between 6 and 12 treatments for PERMANENT hair removal. Not long-lasting hair removal. Permanent.

Now I’m not unrealistic. I wasn’t expecting this thing to keep me hairless until I die. But I definitely was interested to see what “permanent” really meant.

I was super excited to see that after about 4 weeks (8 treatments), my hair was hardly growing back at all. I continued for another 2 weeks just to cover all my bases. By then, it was full-on beach weather so I was ready to rock my courtesy-of-Silkier sleek legs with confidence.

That was last summer (2023). And I’m starting to think their “permanent” claim might actually be true. I’ve used the Silkier once or twice more, but it’s really been more as a precautionary thing and not because I felt I was getting hairy again.


Final Thoughts

So, it’s a year later and I’m still virtually hair-free (and still a bit shocked). Will it work the same for you? Who knows… But I can definitely say, GO FOR IT. It’s a once-off price, it’s a funky little device, and it’s super easy to use. There’s literally nothing to lose except that annoying hair.

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