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I Wish I’d Found This YEARS Ago! No More Itchy, Red Skin, Just Smooth, Permanently Hair-Free & Radiant

Published on May 1st – 945,987 views

I’ve always had sensitive skin, so I figured I’d always have to choose between being hairy and being red and itchy.

And I wasn’t going to just let my body hair grow wild.

So I just accepted the razor rash and wax burns would always be my reality. Part of being a girl, right?

Only I didn’t realize how much my confidence was suffering because my skin was constantly an issue.

Everything in my life was tainted by discomfort and self-consciousness, every day.

On the surface, it looked good. I had a good job, a boyfriend, and a busy social life. My friends used to say they wanted my life!

I would laugh and tell them I knew I was lucky, but inside I was saying “You have NO idea how uncomfortable I am right now.”

And I couldn’t tell anyone that I hated my “good” job because the uniform aggravated my skin. Or that the only thing that was actually comfortable against the rash on my legs was my pajamas (but I couldn’t wear those in public).

If I’d known then about the Silkier device, I would’ve saved months (maybe even years) of discomfort, pain, and bad moods.

I contemplated just letting my hair grow. Going natural, you know?

BUT… My uniform was sleeveless, and my boyfriend preferred me to not have legs as hairy as his. On the other hand, having red, itching skin from shaving wasn’t attractive and made me grumpy.

I was still shaving as often as necessary, but I had permanent red bumps and was getting ingrown hairs constantly.

My boyfriend suggested waxing, and even bought me a home kit. What a disaster…

Not only did I take some skin off with the hair, but I landed up with a small burn in a sensitive place, too.

And I flatly refused to get someone else to wax me – I just wasn’t that confident.

I had no idea that there was another option that had NONE of the side effects of razors and wax strips.

So I was stuck: keep shaving and have red, inflamed, painful skin… Or stop shaving, be hairy, and feel unattractive?

At this point, I was about ready to drop my relationship, quit my job, and never see my friends again.

I didn’t want to go out anymore, because if I wore a pretty skirt or shorts, everyone could see my inflamed, dry skin and scabs from ingrown hairs on my legs.

If I wore long pants, I would overheat (sweat + inflamed skin = nightmare) or it would rub against my skin and hurt.

And to top it off, my boss eventually let me go because I was “grumpy and customers had complained about my attitude.”

So on that day, I left work early, angry, and feeling extremely bad about myself.

Surprisingly, that day ended up being the turning point.

My sweet boyfriend knew I’d had a rough day, so he decided to get me a gift.

I arrived home to a small package on the dining room table with a note: “You deserve some TLC.”

It was a Silkier device. Not the romantic thing in the world, but I appreciated the thought.

I knew he was trying to make me feel better, and he was so excited to show me how it worked (which he learned from his sister just so could show me).

And because I’d been grumpy with him too, I committed to using it regularly so he could see that I appreciated it.

What I DIDN’T expect was how fast it actually worked.

Just a couple of weeks, and my skin was actually starting to heal. My razor rash had almost gone, it wasn’t sore, and it looked normal, not red or scaly.

And the best part, I wasn’t super hairy! I was expecting the hair to grow thick and fast once I stopped shaving but I was shocked (in a good way) to see that hair growth slowed down quite a lot.

I had to shave again a few times, and every time my skin came into contact with the razor, I ended up with a rash and an ingrown hair or two.

But after about 8 IPL treatments, the hair was hardly growing back at all.

I didn’t have to shave. I didn’t have to wax.

My skin could BREATHE.

I was ecstatic. Just 5 minutes a day, no pain, no discomfort, no redness, and no ingrown hairs.

Ladies, this device actually changed my life. I had NO idea this easy, pain-free hair removal technique existed. AND it’s permanent!

But I WISH I’d known about it years ago, because it would’ve saved my sensitive skin from having to go through pain, inflammation, and embarrassing redness.

It always sounded so silly—I wasn’t enjoying life because of my sensitive skin.

But until I got my Silkier device, I didn’t understand just how much my skin was affecting my life.

Silkier gave me my joy back.

I still say this is the BEST gift my now fiance ever got me.

EVERY girl should have one of these. Throw away your razor, say bye to awkward waxing sessions. Silkier is easy to take anywhere and could be the answer to all your shaving-related problems.

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Ladies, I can vouch for this - it *literally* gave me back my joy for life!!

Grab yours, they’re discounted!

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