Osmo vs Braun: I Tried Both So You Don’t Have To.

Osmo vs. Braun: I Tried Both So You Don't Have To

Are you tired of all the traditional painful hair removal methods that often irritate your skin and don’t provide long-lasting results? We all know that shaving lasts for a day at most, and waxing is painful and irritates the skin like no other. And going to a salon each week is like having a car payment…

That’s why using epilators proved to be the best possible option nowadays. It keeps my skin smooth and silky for at least four weeks and it’s very soft on sensitive areas.

I tried out the top two brands to see who’s the ultimate winner.

If you want longer lasting results... OSMO

Osmo Epilator L5 uses innovative EpiPlus+ technology to remove unwanted body hair from the root which helps you have smooth and silky skin up to 4 weeks after using it.

Basically, you will probably need to use it only once a month which saves you so much time and effort. Because of their technology, it catches shorter hair than waxing which makes it even more practical.

I always thought epilators would cause hair to grow faster, but it’s amazing that it provides the same results as expensive laser hair removal treatments.

If you have sensitive skin and want to avoid inflammation… OSMO

I probably have the most sensitive skin (seriously, everything can irritate it quickly) and I was surprised how Osmo is gentle on my skin – even on the most sensitive areas such as the armpit and bikini.

What makes Osmo unique is that you can switch between two different speed settings making it suitable for any skin type or body area, even facial.

On the other hand, Braun was a bit more harsh and painful to use, so these adjustable speed settings definitely help.

If you want to use it on different body areas… OSMO

Osmo Epilator comes with 5 different attachable heads all made for different areas, including bikini area, armpits, facial area, and a lot more.

Unlike some other brands who will often upsell you with additional attachments, you receive them for free. In their manual, they show you which head is suitable for which area.

Personally, I have used all of the attachable heads all over my body) without feeling any pain or discomfort.

If you want to use it under the shower or clean it easier… OSMO

Osmo Epilator has an IPX4 waterproof rating which makes it functional even when it gets in touch with the water. This makes it suitable to use under the shower and it allows you to clean it a lot easier and faster.

It says that it shouldn’t be drowned under the water, but I have used it multiple times while being under the shower without any issues so far.

If you’re like myself and like to shave under the shaver, this is a very important detail to consider.

If You Want Additional Products With Your Purchase… BRAUN

Braun is a big name and they have a ton of high-level products they will upsell you when buying epilators. So if you’re interested in buying serums, creams, and other devices with your order, they will have a ton of products to offer you.

Some of their devices can cost more than $350+, so make sure you have a larger budget if you’re ready for their upsells. They also offer discounts on their bundles, but you have to buy at least three or four products as far as I can remember.

If you want a superior battery life to carry it anywhere… BOTH

Both Osmo and Braun have superior battery life which is impressive when compared to other epilators on the market. You can easily get 45 minutes of non-stop operation and remove hair from the whole body before the battery dies off. This is super helpful when you’re carrying it with you when traveling.

And The Winner Is… OSMO EPILATOR

After seeing a significant difference in the time it takes my hair to grow back with much less irritations, I have to say that Osmo Epilator won me over! Osmo’s money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty speak volumes of how strongly they stand behind their product.
Although Braun is a solid competitor, from my personal results to the overall value, it’s fair to say Osmo is a better choice.

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