Osmolaser vs Braun: I Tried Both So You Don’t Have To

Osmolaser vs. Braun: I Tried Both So You Don't Have To

Do I wish there was a cheaper long-term solution to permanently remove my hair from the comfort of my home? Yes! We all know that shaving lasts for a day at most and waxing is painful and can quickly irritate your skin.

Salon laser hair removal may be popular, but the cost can quickly ramp up to a few hundreds each month.

That’s when I learned about IPL, which is safe for beginners like me to use at home. IPL is cheaper than a session at my local spa, but it delivers the same professional, silky smooth results.

I tried out the top two brands to see who’s the ultimate winner.

If you want innovative technology with a spa-like treatment… OSMOLASER

Osmolaser uses innovative technology to be gentle and safe for any skin type, which has been amazing for someone like me who has the most sensitive skin type.

It allows faster hair removal while using fewer flashes, ensuring your skin won’t be irritated even when removing hair from most sensitive areas such as upper lip or peach fuzz.

On the other hand, using Braun felt a bit more discomfortable to use on certain areas of my body.

If you are looking for a healthy and pain-free bikini line hair removal... OSMOLASER

Using razors or wax on my bikini area leaves ingrown hair and redness all the time, so this is one of the biggest reasons I switched to IPL devices. That being said, Osmolaser is perfect for achieving a smooth and blemish-free bikini area that my husband absolutely loves and it helps me stay ready for swimsuit season.

Even after the first week of using Osmolaser, all those old razor bumps and marks disappeared and I’m so smooth down there.

If you have a sensitive skin type… OSMOLASER

Osmolaser has five adjustable intensity levels, making it suitable for any skin type. No matter if you have darker or lighter skin, or thicker and darker hair – you can easily find your sweet spot that won’t irritate you or cause pain. With adjustable intensity levels, you can safely use it even on the facial area to eliminate the thinnest and most “embarrassing” unwanted hair.

As I’m on the sensitive side, I have only used the first 2 intensity levels, as the rest of them are meant for darker skin types.

If you want faster permanent hair removal results… OSMOLASER

Although I read tons of positive reviews on Osmolaser, I was still surprised to achieve permanent hair removal after my third week of using it. Now I only have to use it once every three months or so – no need to worry if I can wear a shorter dress anymore.

While using Braun, I was actually suspicious if it can actually achieve permanent hair removal as the hair would grow back after 10 days or so.

If You Want Additional Products With Your Purchase… BRAUN

If you purchase BRAUN, you’ll get a discount on some of their other high-level products, but in my opinion – you don’t actually need those. While discount sounds good, you have to take in consideration that you’re first paying a high price tag of $329 for their IPL device (a lot more expensive than Osmolaser) which might be a bit overpriced. You won’t need to use razors or epilators anymore, so you probably won’t even buy those in their bundle.

If you want a durable IPL device that will last you for years to come… BOTH

Both Osmolaser and Braun are made out of high-grade material and made to last for years to come. In fact, they can both last more than 10 years which makes it more than good. Unfortunately, not all IPL devices are designed to last this long as there are a ton of cheap knockoffs that are doing more harm than good to your skin. Because of this, both Osmolaser and Braun have my thumbs up.

And The Winner Is… OSMOLASER

After seeing a significant difference in the time it takes my hair to grow back with much less irritations, I have to say Osmolaser won me over.

Osmolaser’s money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty speak volumes of how strongly they stand behind their product.

Although Braun is a solid competitor, from my personal results to the overall value (and price), Osmolaser is simply better.

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